GRAMMAR Beginner

Lesson 1   Katy’s Café

The verb be
   How are you?
   I’m good.
this / that   
   Is this seat free?
   Who’s that guy?
   I’m a musician
   How’s the coffee?

Lesson 2   Candy’s Boyfriend

The verb like  
   I like this music.
Adjectives:  big, strong
   The big guy.
   He’s very strong.
Possessive adjectives:  my, your
   What’s your name?
   My name is Rico.

Lesson 3   Italian Boots

The verb need
   I need a pair of boots.
   Do you like these brown boots?
   Can I see those white boots?                      .
Adverbs:  very/so
   These boots are very stylish.
   Why are they so expensive?

Lesson 4   Dinner’s Ready!

The verb want
   Do you want more chicken?
   Please sit down.
   Please pass the bread.
Conjunction:  and
   Chicken and potatoes.

Lesson 5   Big Money

Present continuous
   What are you doing?
   I’m waiting for a friend.
There is
   There’s a free concert today.
Telling time
   What time is the concert?
   Three o’clock.

Lesson 6   Wonderful Miss Deeds

The verb have
   have a headache.
some / any
   I have some water.
   I don’t have any water.
Adverb:  too
   I’m too busy.

Lesson 7   Lulu’s Late

Question with when
   When does the meeting start?
How much… ?
   How much do I owe you?

Lesson 8   Calling from Paris.

Prepositions:  from/for
   I’m calling from Paris.
   I’ll be here for three days.
Present continuous
   Are you eating French food?
   I’m eating French fries.

Lesson 9   Betty’s New Hat

There is / There are
   There’s a big sale…
   There are so many hats.
Question with which
   Which hat do you like best?
Pronoun: one
   Do you like this one?
Preposition:  like 
   You look like a movie star.

Lesson 10   Major Mouse

Preposition:  with
   Can I speak with Jenny, please?
Want to
   Do you want to go to a movie?
Adverb:  enough
   Is twenty dollars enough?

Lesson 11   The Art Museum

Giving directions with imperatives
   Turn right on Second Avenue.                         
Prepositions:  in/on/at
   This is my first time in America.
   The Art Museum is on Main St.
   Have a good time at the museum.

Lesson 12   Katy and Sam

Adjective:  only
   I’m the only waitress.
do and make    
   What do you do for a living?
   You make great coffee.
Would you like… ?
   Would you like more coffee?

Lesson 13   Jim’s New Girlfriend

What’s she like?
   She’s outgoing and a lot of fun.
What does she look like?
   She’s tall and thin…
Like to
   She likes to help people.
Frequency adverbs:  always, often
   We always have a good time together.
   She’s often late.

Lesson 14   My Daily Routine

Simple present
   How do you get to work?
   I drive to work.
Frequency adverbs:  usually, sometimes
   I usually have cereal for breakfast.
   Sometimes I listen to music.
Like + verb + -ing
   Do you like teaching?
Have to
   I have to leave at 7:30.

Lesson 15   Your Family

Conjunctions:  soor,but
   So your parents are pretty young.
   Do you have any brothers or sisters?
   Sarah’s kind of shy, but she’s smart.
Possessive ‘s
   My brother’s name is Jack.

Lesson 16   Saint Petersburg

There is / There are / There aren’t
   There’s a famous theater on my street.
   There are people and cars everywhere.
   There aren’t any parks in Fremont.
How often… ?
   How often do you go to the park?
Conjunction:  where 
   Is it busy where you live?

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