GRAMMAR Advanced Beginner

Lesson 1   It’s an Emergency!

   Come here!
How much…?
   How much do you charge?
  Can you fix it?
   I can fix anything.

Lesson 2   Apples for Louis

Need to
  I need to buy some groceries.
Could for requests
   Could you get some apples?
What kind…?
   What kind of apples do you want?

Lesson 3   First Date

Can for requests
   Can we sit at that table?
   Is it OK if we share the bill?
Want to
  Do you want to go for a walk?

Lesson 4   Dr. Feelgood

The future with will
   I’ll look at his schedule.
   You’ll be OK.
   Don’t do that!
   Take one tablet every four hours.

Lesson 5   Cora Benton

Past of bewas / were
  She was a good athlete.
   We were neighbors.
Simple pastregular verbs
   She played basketball.
   We lived on the same street.

Lesson 6   Peter and Felix

Simple past: irregular verbs
   I ate an apple.
   I took the bus.
Preposition:  until
   I read some magazines until two in the
Conjunctions:  before / when
I had two cups of coffee before I left the house.
I made a big mistake when I bought my car 
   at Big Al’s.

Lesson 7   Computer Expert

Object pronouns:  you, me, him, her
   For you, maybe.
   Not for me.
   I see him.
   I can’t talk to her.
Relative clause with who
   Some women like guys who are serious.
Adverb:  even
   I don’t even know her.

Lesson 8   Looking for a Job

A lot of / much / many
   You have a lot of magazines.
   I have a lot of time to read.
   I don’t have much money.
   There aren’t many jobs.
How much…?   How many…?
   How much sugar do you want?
   How many guests are there?
a little / a few
   Just a little (sugar).
   Just a few (guests).

Lesson 9   San Francisco

The future with going to
   Are you going to take the train?
   No, we’re going to drive.
Conjunction:  when
   What are you going to do when you’re in
   San Francisco?
Do you know where…?
   Do you know where you’re going to stay?

Lesson 10   That’s a Terrific Idea!

Conjunction:  after
   What are you going to do after you
Adverb:  yet
   I don’t know yet.
Would like to
   I’d like to travel.
   Where would you like to go?
Do you know what…?
   Do you know what I’d really like to do?

Lesson 11   Private Lessons

Reflexive pronoun:  yourself
   Make yourself at home.
Modal:  must
   You must be a very good teacher.
Adverb:  so
   Oh, that’s so exciting!

Lesson 12   Business Lunch

Modal:  may
   May I speak to Mr. Garfield?
Indirect object pronoun:  him
   I’ll give him your message.
Prepositions:  on / at
   Are you free on Tuesday?
   Let’s meet at 12:30.

Lesson  13   Car Trouble

The future with will
   When will my car be ready?
   I’ll call a taxi.
Will for requests
   Will you take me home, please?
Pronoun:  one
   You need a new one.

Lesson 14   Saturday Night

Present continuous for the future
   A friend of mine is having a party
   (Saturday night).
   Who’s coming to the party?
Simple present for the future
   What time does the party start?
   It starts at eight.
Modal:  should
   Should I dress up for the party?
Conjunction: or
   You can dress up or just wear jeans.

Lesson 15   A Picnic in the Forest

Past of can:  could / couldn’t
   Then you could relax.
   No, we couldn’t.
Past continuous
   He was coming toward us.
Pronoun:  ones
   We were the only ones there.

Lesson 16   You’re the Boss

Preposition:  to
   She always comes late to work.
   I have to find a solution to this problem.
Conjunction:  that
   What does she do that you don’t like?
   She complains that I give her too much work.
Verb + -ing
   She’s always on her cell phone talking to her

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