Call for help in an emergency
Give a compliment
Make a request
Talk to a clerk at the market
Order a meal in a restaurant
Recommend a wonderful dish
Make a doctor appointment
Describe how you are feeling
Talk on the telephone
Give information about
a person you know
Show interest
Show you understand
Talk about the recent past
Greet people
Start a conversation
Describe people’s personality
Thank someone
Talk about yourself
Talk about your plans for
the weekend
Make and decline invitations
Make excuses
Talk about your plans for
the future
Give encouragement
Welcome a guest to your home
Talk about music
Offer to help someone
Take and leave messages
Make a suggestion
Invite someone to a meal
Agree when and where to meet
Describe locations
Talk about car problems
Make and accept invitations
Say good-bye
Describe a recent experience
Describe an annoying person
Give your opinion
Give advice
English in Action